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SBwB welcome individuals, private and corporate sponsors and partners both locally and internationally, who shares our mission of of changing mindset, teaching skill-sets and sharing tool-sets through human capacity skills development and recognizes the importance and major skills development plays in people’s career and business development in every community and country to partner with SBwB or sponso, employees or group of people to ake SBwB courses for growth and self-development.

We welcome everyone who is interested in building a business-relation with SBwB to create more skills development awareness of SBwB in Africa region as well as other part of the world. SBwB is always looking for dedicated, passionate and  professional individuals, small businesses, and corporate entity to join us in becoming one of SBwB Ambassador in their community.

Contact us today at or fill out contact form.


Some Benefits of Being An SBwB Partner

  • Opportunity for all employee’s in your organization to take all SBwB courses at a big discount.
  • Opportunity for SBwB to conduct in-house face-to-face training for Executive and employee’s in your organization.
  • Opportunity to use your organization as a case study in courses related to what your organization  does.
  • Free publicity of your brand and organization on all SBwB media platform.
  • Opportunity to sponsor courses for women, youth and girls in your chosen community 
  • Opportunity for your organization to teach a course on SBwB platform to empower workforce
  • Opportunity to hire SBwB certified course participants as volunteers, intern or employee.
  • Opportunity to mentor SBwB course participant and engage them in project brainstorming sessions.

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