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Executive Education

SBwB Executive Education development program is dedicated to mid-level leaders in dynamic business environments who have passion to grow personally and professionally, and are inspired to go further. We help Managers and Executives in every organization to continuously hone their skills and upgrade their business acumen, to stay abreast of industry trends and leverage upon emerging opportunities. The end goal is to help leaders think critically, act wisely and work skillfully all for the common good of organization by recognizing that business environment is increasingly unpredictable, and the threat of disruption is always accelerating.

SBwB Executive Education Programs is of global standard putting into consideration executive in every organization to capitalize on these opportunities; practicing managers need cross-functional skills, strategic vision and superior management expertise.

These programs are designed to optimize the benefit to the client organization taking into account multiple locations, scheduling, budget constraints, number of people, and learning objectives.

Partner with us for custom training and meet your company’s goals. SBwB continuously partner with private institutions to offer a full range of executives programs to the mid-level leaders and general public.


Programs for Organizations

  • Executive Management Program
  • Executive Leadership Program
  • Executive Program for Women Leadership
  • Executive Business Policy & Politics
  • Executive Global Project Management
  • Executive Digital Innovation Transformation
  • Executive Pre-Retirement Program


Customized Program

  • Custom Programs for Organization
  • Small Team Programs for Organization



Training Schedules for Executive & Enterprise Education for 2017
No Executive Programs Weekdays Training 5 Days Straight Weekend Training
1 Executive Management Program February 21 – 25 2017 February 4-11-18- -25 2017(Every Saturday- 4 Weekends)
2 Executive Leadership Program April 18-22 2017 April 1-8-15-22 2017(Every Saturday- 4 Weekends)
3 Executive Program for Women Leadership May 23- 27 2017 May 6-13-20-27 2017(Every Saturday- 4 Weekends)
4 Executive Global Project Management June 20-24 2017 June 3-10-17-24 2017(Every Saturday- 4 Weekends)
5 Executive Pre-Retirement Program July 25-29 2017 July 8-15-22-29 2017
6 September September September(Every Saturday- 4 Weekends)
7 Executive Digital Innovation October 24 – 28 2017 October 7-14-21-28 2017(Every Saturday- 4 Weekends)
8 Executive Business Policy & Politics November 21-25 2017 November 4-11-18-25 2017(Every Saturday- 4 Weekends)

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