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All professionals, business owners, and community organizations may at times work with development projects. This may bring you into contact with consultants, project teams and project managers. Whilst you may not manage specific projects is important that you understand both the technical and managerial aspects of project management. This will ensure that you and your organization can make an informed contribution to the projects and can monitor implementation and outcomes.

Project Management is the methodology employed to maintain control over schedule and resources and assure quality results in the midst of risk and uncertainty.  The process starts with examining the situation and organizing the team; moves through identifying tasks and estimating resources; and concludes with setting schedules, managing risk, and completing a plan.

Projects and project management has become the foundation for success in the public and private sectors. Enterprises achieve their goals through projects and effective project management. Successful project management requires achieving the scope (e.g., intended result), cost and schedule. In addition, the increasing complexity of work and demands for “more with less” place special demands on the project manager. Designed for emerging leaders, this program equips you with the decision-making skills required to expand your leadership capacity, deepen your understanding of core business functions, and improve your ability to lead cross-functional initiatives amid challenging global markets.

  • Implementing Project Management
  • Advanced Project Management

Course Modules

Module 1: What is a Project?

Module 2: What is Project Management?

Module 3: Project Lifecycle

Module 4: Managerial aspects of project management

Module 5: Initiation Phase

Module 6: Planning Phase

Module 7: Execution Phase

Module 8: Deliverables Phase

Module 9: Monitor and Control

Module 10: Project Closure

Who Should Take Project Management Courses

Executive Directors, Corporate Communications Managers, Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, Brand Management, Public Relations/Managers, Media Relations, Advertising Agents/Media Practitioners, Strategic Planners, Marketing/Managers, Marketing Communications/ Managers, Directors/HODs, Administration, Marketing & Advertising Managers, Start-Ups, Companies Front-Desk Employees, Decision- Makers, Managers, CEOs, Undergraduates, Ministers, Graduates, Non-Graduates, Youth, Corporate Organizations, Women, Media Organizations, Business Advocate, Industry Expert, Change Agent, Politicians, and Head of Schools. EVERYONE

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