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Do you spent so much time designing an elegant website, doing an aggressive business marketing and networking to get clients, only to freeze-up, confuse or unclear about how to respond to client’s RFP or request for services. This seminar will teach you how to write a professional business proposal with confident while addressing your client specific needs.

As business professionals, you will be required to write a proposal in your career or business. For most first time business owner or professionals, you’re quick to buy a proposal software or template with the notion of filling in your business information. But don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in buying a business proposal software or use ready-made template, but there’re till some aspect of every business proposal that you still need to do your own homework and answer those question.

Course Goals
During this course, participant will be:

  • How to modify proposal template to meet my various specific needs.
  • Developing proposal to enhance credibility with clients.
  • How to effectively present business case, so that client can respond positively to proposal.
  • Learn about the various writing styles?
  • What should to include in business proposal e.g. references, statistic, chart and so on.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Know how to confidently submit an RFP Document
  • Know how to focus more on client request needs
  • Present a professional RFP documents to potential clients.

Course Modules

  1. Module 1 Title: What is a Business Proposal?
  2. Module 2 Title: Difference Between Business Plan or Business Proposal
  3. Module 3Title: Understanding the 80/20 rule in Proposal
  4. Module 4 Title: Different parts of a business Proposal
  5. Module 5Title: Development of Business Proposal
  6. Module 6 Title: Proposal Presentation to Clients
  7. Module 7 Title: The 7 C’s of  Business Proposal
  8. Module 8 Title: Why Business Proposal Sometimes Fails

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