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Become An Instrutor

SBwB want instructors/facilitators for ONLINE COURSES ONLY, we want extraordinary individuals with various wide range of professional backgrounds. Instructors with experience and expertise from diverse educational backgrounds, think-out-of-the-box with unique creativity, and knowledge of local and international in-demand today’s skills needed to succeed by delivering state of the art course content. 

  • Make money from your already developed content or training materials gathering dust on your table.
  • You earn 50% course fee per participant.
  • We give you the flexibility to develop your course content the way you want using different format ( Text, PowerPoint, Audio, Video, PDF, Pictures, Graph etc). A combination of two- three format will be good.
  • Don’t get intimidated with e-learning technology, we understand what you are thinking, our tech-staff will upload your first 2 to 3 course materials for you, to give you time to settle in and know about using this platform.
  • We take care of all payment process, customer service, support, certificate and maintaining the website.
  • Instructors get paid monthly summing up all course participant fee.
  • Instructors are given login access to manage and monitor all activities regarding their course content and student participation. 
  • Instructor are also encourage to provide FREE courses along with PAID courses submitted.

If you are passionate individuals with an interest to make impact in people’s life through human skills development, contact us by filling-out the form below to become part of SBwB Instructor Network.

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