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About Us

School of Business Without Boundaries (SBwB) train people to think, act, and lead differently, we provide holistic training approach to social learning, professionalism skills, critical thinking and analytic skills for business and career development. SBwB is about fearlessly pushing forward, not because we know we can, but because we know it’s the right thing to do.

SBwB provides cutting-edge, relevant training courses which equipped people with necessary skills, talent, experience and exposure to develop competency in any career or business environment and  develop confidence to work locally or globally with the right training that’s globally acceptable.

Professional development isn’t a one-time thing; it’s a continuous part of everyone’s career or business management. That’s why it’s called Continuous Professional Development.

SBwB makes it a priority to assess and improve people’s skillset, change mindset, share toolset and helps increase value to organization and enhance future career prospects. We do this by providing relevant training programs both face-to-face and online courses needed for today’s local and global workforce.

SBwB helps organizations unlock full potential in their employees and develop values-based, high-performing leaders, teams and cultures.  And we help individuals approach their highest potential by pursuing self-mastery and maximizing their impact in life and leadership.


Who should Take SBwB Courses? ………………EVERYONE.

Executive Directors, Corporate Communications Managers, Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, Brand Management, Public Relations/Managers, Media Relations, Advertising Agents/Media Practitioners, Strategic Planners, Marketing/Managers, Marketing Communications/ Managers, Directors/HODs, Administration, Marketing & Advertising Managers, Start-Ups, Companies Front-Desk Employees, Decision- Makers, Managers, CEOs, Undergraduates, Ministers, Graduates, Non-Graduates, Youth, Corporate Organizations, Women, Media Organizations, Business Advocate, Industry Expert, Change Agent, Politicians, and Head of Schools.

  1. SBwB programs focus on the professional aspects of practice and are not necessary discipline specific. SBwB course learning is a practical way of training which integrates professional development learning with your career or business.
  2. SBwB training and certificate benefit both self-learners and the organizations who seek to engage them.
  3. Professionals and self-learners take SBwB courses to assess their skills with the goal of filling skill gaps and gaining mastery, while proving their proficiency to potential employers.
  4. SBwB is helping companies discover which skills their team has, and which skills they need by allowing SBwB develop the next generation of skilled professionals for business and career fulfillment.

We offer various training programs under the following categories below:

  • Executive & Enterprise Education
  • Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Innovation Programs
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Leadership Programs
  • Social Innovation Programs
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) Programs

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